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"Victoria has a way to help me to physically realize things that I never thought possible, every time I practice with her I seem to learn something new about myself, my practice and the way I approach relationships and work.  When I miss her classes, I really feel it." .



Life has always been about movement for Victoria. She considers teaching in itself to be an art form, which by necessity must continually evolve.  She is a movement specialist who skillfully combines the authentic teachings of yoga with progressive asana technique.  The practice structure stems from Hatha Yoga principles of pranic flow and culminates in the unified state of yoga.  

‘peaceful body/ peaceful mind’. 


In her professional career as a teacher of dance and yoga, Victoria has worked for prestigious universities in London and leading centers for vocational training in New York City. 

In NYC, Victoria is founder and Director of Yoga Loft Manhattan. A nomadic yoga & meditation company that emphasizes the beauty of small-group practice. She is a teacher for Pure Yoga West, The Yoga Room in Astoria and Equinox Sports Club.


Victoria has earned the trust of some leading Broadway performers and actors and is truly grateful for every opportunity she has to work privately with clients and share this practice of yoga.


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