"With the beauty and power of Victoria's delivery, she encourages students to truly honor hemselves and their practice by exploring their own infinite potential" .


RISE AND SHINE - Wake Up Call For Meditation

As co-creator of the Soundscape Healing Project,  Victoria's guided visualization and meditations have been experienced by more than 500 people. With the Rise & Shine service, Victoria will schedule an early call to you and lead you though a 25 minute guided meditation.

The benefits of meditation are so widely acknowledged and accepted yet many people struggle at home and on their own to set aside time for a regular practice.  Take that pressure off of yourself and let Victoria be the constant that will keep you on that path. 

Sessions can be arranged on a continual weekly basis or as a 15 day - new habit forming program. Calls are regularly scheduled Monday - Fridays for 6am, 6:30am, 7:00am, 7:30am. 8am, 8:30am (Dependent upon current availability / a waitlist for specific times is available). Special late morning, evening requests and weekend appointments can be accommodated. 


A quiet place to sit comfortably, A phone and hands free device for listening

Use the contact form - for pricing details and availability. 


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