Victoria Greene's genuine love of movement brings a unique perspective to her practice and to her students.  It's not about knowing all of the poses and exectuing them perfectly, but the movement itself and what it can reveal to you in the kind of environment Victoria helps to create.  There is an element of performance that just comes naturally, fluidly from her background in dance and this inherent grace goes beyond just what you see.  It shows the practitioner that you too can have such a relationship to your body, to movement, and thus to your heart and mind.  The beauty and power of Victoria's delivery, encourags students to truly honor themselves and their practice by exploring their own infinate potential.  Audrey.



I truly feel that Victoria is more than just a teacher of asana (a brilliant one at that). Victoria has a sincere way to connect people with their bodies in the deepest sense. I have met some transformative teachers in my years of practicing but she has been the one that I admire the most. I’m happy to know that someone with her acuity, aptitude and giftedness can be accessible. Victor.

Victoria’s Vinyasa infuses a unique blend of music and yoga, all while safely guiding you to align your personal intentions with breath and movement. She knows the body well and takes great care to make sure it’s warmed up properly, a quality that most teachers lack. The asanas are presented as fluid motions, a dance if you will, and the sequencing builds so that a beginner can recollect which pose follows the next. If you’re new to inversions and arm balances, she’ll encourage you to safely move beyond your boundaries and to take the journey one step at a time. Her classes truly challenge the mind, body and spirit. I always know I’ll leave sweaty and wanting to come back for more.  Arminda.