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"With the beauty and power of Victoria's delivery, she encourages students to truly honor hemselves and their practice by exploring their own infinite potential" .


THE QUIET PLACE - A Call to Meditation

The benefits of meditation are so widely acknowledged and accepted yet many people struggle at home and on their own to set aside time for a regular practice.  Take that pressure off of yourself and let Victoria be the constant that will keep you on that path.  Aligned with the Himalayan Tradition wisdom teachings, Victoria offers an honest and gimmick-free technique of meditation that is easy to learn and maintain.

Sessions can be arranged on a continual basis or as a monthly meditation tune up. Take advantage of the flexibility that technology allows and schedule a virtual session with Victoria. Or experience the power of small circle or one-on-one meditation coaching in your home.


A quiet place to sit comfortably, A phone or digital device for virtual meeting and hands free device for listening. 

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