"Victoria's impeccable guidance through her creative transitions into any given pose gives you a sense of expansion that is challenging but not intimidating. I expect the unexpected whenever I practice with her"




A very special winter retreat - December 4th - 6th

Imagine walking through trees and woodland on an a bright and clear winter morning... Feel stress melt away from your body and mind almost immediately that you step out into the snow...  scents carried on the breeze soothe your senses; slow steps lead you through the forest... Take a deep breath and in that moment experience a deeply rooted connection to the earth and a sense of peace and wellbeing at this magical time of year.
come disappear into the forest with me for a while and learn how to balance your energies for the changing season and inspire your life’s vital creativity. Our time together will include hatha yoga practices, meditation experiences and talks introducing simple methods of sound therapy; as healing techniques for energetic, mental and emotional balance during this unique time in our lives. Join me and like minded folks for this intimate retreat at The Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. 

PRACTICE hatha vinyasa classes with me (Victoria) & learn techniques for self-care to add to your personal practices.

EAT the most phenomenal vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
EXPLORE the beautiful surroundings of the Himalayan Institutes grounds and campus.

UNPLUG and CONNECT enjoy meaningful conversation and time with our growing Sangha. 


Based on request for a longer retreat - I have crafted two options for you.

Option A:

Arrive between 4pm & 6pm on Friday 4th of December and leave at you leisure after lunch on Sunday 6th.

Program Cost: $160

Room & Food: $230 (single room)

Weekend Total: $390


Option B:

Arrive between 4pm & 6pm on THURSDAY 3rd of December and leave at your leisure after lunch on Sunday 6th. 

Program Cost: $220

Room & Food: $345 (single room)

Retreat Total: $565

The additional time includes additional opportunity to practice yoga and meditation with me and to truly soak in the peaceful atmosphere of the campus or to book a treatment at the spa on-site. 



At the Himalayan Institute the rooms are modern and well appointed. All accommodations are to be reserved by you personally so that you can select the most suitable option for yourself at this time. Any shared rooms will only be available to families or those with whom you have been spending time with during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 


Access to a car is crucial at this time, but please reach out to me if you a) Have a car and are willing and feel comfortable offering a seat or two to fellow retreaters. b) Would really like to come but would need to be offered a ride in order to do so.


Retreat Costs:

The program fee is $160 - please pay via PayPal (friends and family) / venmo to victoria@victoriagreeneyoga.com / @Vicky-Greene.

PLUS the cost of your accommodation and meals. A twin bed in a single room will bring total retreat cost to $390. (sharing with a partner or a friend will be slightly less expensive, opting for a deluxe private room will be more etc). 

The Himalayan Institute, outlines its Covid-19 response in great detail and can be read by following this link but please note and recognize that best judgement is required. The Institute nor myself are responsible for your heath in this regard.  

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