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Spend Time Consciously.
Live Your Days With Intention.
Enliven Your Spirit Through Joyful Experience.

This retreat is a beautiful collaboration with the acclaimed Reclaim Yourself Retreat Company. You can read more about Jools Sampson and her company below.  I am honored to be a member of her incredible team.


Our destination is the northwest island, Senja. A beautiful part of Norway where majestic mountains dive straight into the sea. Pristine pearly white beaches line a small archipelago of uninhabited islands. 

Think about this trip as a ‘Build Your Own Adventure’ - the main schedule for everyone is wonderful and varied,

Included in the week is a midnight sun experience where you head to a remote private Arctic island by boat or kayak and watch the sunset and sunrise.  If you want to add a little more thrill, you can choose to add a gentle maelstrom body rafting experience, a guided hike to Husfjellet, enjoy a hot-tub and sea bathing session or add a full day kayaking excursion to the smaller islands around Senja.


I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone just a little bit and build unique memories that will last a lifetime.  

Our home on retreat is a series of stylish apartments set around the harbor of an old fishing village with uninterrupted views of the islets and azure sea.  We will enjoy twice daily yoga practices and delicious vegetarian meals. 

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I can’t wait to spend this extraordinary adventure with you in July 2024 

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